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Thread: Quick How to: Nevron Motion

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    Quick How to: Nevron Motion

    I shared the material below in another thread. Putting it here for easier access.
    To get the Nevron and FBX in the same scene, I had to load from scene the Nevron skeleton having already loaded the fbx scene.
    That is to say, load an fbx file, load from scene the Nevron skeleton.

    Anyone know a better way?

    I've decided it's a bit too simple.

    Whoo hoo!! Stopped to make sure I was Right!

    Here's the how to; it is about the full name of the object:
    Select one bone in the source material; click "GetSel" on a row. It doesn't matter which at this juncture.
    Look at the name it puts it. Click on the name and cut the stuff it added. Cut because you want to paste that info in the text area to add a prefix or suffix.
    Click Retarget.

    A Retargeted Motion!

    This is Brilliant.
    Be sure to press the Store Modifier.
    Lol at self...

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    Now, to get the T-pose to match.

    Seems a very straightforward process.

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    Rub it in :P easy is good

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    Can anyone please tell me how to bind a Nevron skeleton to a character mesh after adjusting it ?

    Edit: Found it (Dragdroping the skeletton under the mesh in Scene Editor binds the Skeletton to the mesh)
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    There's a null there that says, "Replace me with your character" or some such.
    Use it.

    Though... what you say is interesting.

    Not rubbing it in. Trying to help as I get some help.
    That is, until Lino gets back to us. (Rested, safe and sound.)

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    So have you guys got the HOW TO on using Kinect with the Kinect motion and then retargeting that to a character? I have been able to get the kinect skeleton working with the kinect motion/camera. Captured motion and a skeleton that moves around. But getting that retargeted to a new character has dont been figured out by me yet...

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    Look in that long list of stuff in the scene. Isn't there one that says, "Replace me with your character"?
    I don't have a Kinect, yet, so am out of more info on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnCommonGrafx View Post
    There's a null there that says, "Replace me with your character" or some such.
    Use it.
    Yeah that was driving me crazy yesterday, couldn't figure out why I couldn't even test out the deformations before bringing in the motion.

    Now to try to figure out how to get the motion to map with the Nevron ui.....

    BTW, is it necessary to rest the bones? (I needed to do so to get my character to not be skewed after positioning the Nevron skeleton into my character)

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    Ya know, I think you may have a point on the rest bones...


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