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Thread: Nevron Motion? Why buy something that should be IN Lightwave?

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    the point is - lets say you have MANY mocap data- how you gonna mix them ? 7.5 motionmixer?

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    Unfortunately it does feel like someone at Newtek's marketing department has gone a bit wonky... I see that it costs time and money to develop cool tools like this, but it seems to me that it'll slow the development of actual LW.

    Oh well... we can't have everything, but was quite excited about trying out Kinect Mocap stuff.
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    I don't get it. We got a lot of cool stuff with LW 11.5 and LW 11.6 and was not charged for it, but there is still people complaining for things that may be well part of Lightwave 12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivanze View Post
    I don't get it. We got a lot of cool stuff with LW 11.5 and LW 11.6 and was not charged for it, but there is still people complaining for things that may be well part of Lightwave 12.
    Great if they are part of LW 12.

    But I'd like to know that this is the case.

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    It seems to me that having other capabilities not directly associated with the cost of LW upgrades is a GOOD thing. If you need it, buy it; if not, then save your money; in this sense it's good that the additions aren't in the base price. -- I realize some people in these threads don't like the idea of "if you like it, buy it, but if you don't like it, then don't buy it." But to me, it just makes good sense.

    Plus, you gotta give NT props for 11.6 being no-charge. And to hopefully continue supporting LW in general, I hope the new products sell well, as people need them.

    But once launched as separate, I doubt that the new products will ever be included in the base LW, so I would not expect them to be included with LW 12. -- Just an educated guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbstractTech3D View Post
    Your point is what, exactly? Core didn't promise mocap handling, retargeting or anything displayed in Nevron. I just don't see your point here, so be kind and explain it to me?

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    I don't blame Newtek for charging for Nevron but my view is that bundling them is a better marketing strategy.

    I think quite a number of people who work with characters are sitting on the fence due to Lightwave rather incomplete CA toolset - retargeting being the main one. Bundling Nevron would push some of these people over, which in the long run, I believe is more profitable...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil View Post
    Your point is what, exactly? Core didn't promise mocap handling, retargeting or anything displayed in Nevron. I just don't see your point here, so be kind and explain it to me?
    Ok, perhaps I'm a bit harsh.

    DOn't worry, I know core is a dead duck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikala View Post
    Screams money grab to me. Sorry Newtek
    Hi Mikala, the short answer is because it takes developer time and resources to create tools like NevronMotion and unfortunately I haven't found many quality developers that are willing to work for free. I value the hard work of our development team and I believe that the worldwide LightWave user base will ultimately do the same. With the show special we are talking about motion capture retargeting, rig presets, and Kinect support in LightWave for $200 dollars.
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    When I look at Chrono, two things come to mind.
    First is that there is nothing about it's look that says LW. It is something that is designed looking at it being a stand-a-lone that could be used with other platforms. Yes, you can use it and get things back into LW - but it seems that you are exporting, not sending it directly to Layout or Modeler. And although it is hyper-cool, I do not see a personal reason for me getting it right now. So for right now I don't have a problem with seeing it a completely different product made by the same nice people I get LW from. Nor do I feel cheated because they are not "giving away" to me their innovation.

    Second, I don't have a problem with viewing Nevron as being a plug-in I need to buy. In this case, yes I am buying it from NT, but if Liberty 3D had if first, I would have happily bought from them. Not everyone with LW will be interested and in this case - no matter how good Rebil Hill is at trying to learn me up - I'm gonna take the easy way out. I want now - I get to pay for now.
    Maybe there will be a bundle price come LW 12 or something... but for right now I'm not feeling very bad about this or feeling "cheated"

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    I am aware of development costs I'm saying it might have been a wiser move to have it integrated and sell full seats.
    Win for Newtek and another seat of LW in a studio. Win win.
    I have two seats of LW , I have put money into the dev since before Core.
    Just keep getting the feeling lately LW is becoming more fractured and Autodeskian.

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    I like the idea of doing things this way, and the speed of development for these two things shows that the devs can really crank things out, so if they are as equally focused on LW, then 12 should be a heck of a release.
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    Not really. I have no issues with NT selling modules or apps that can extend what can be done in areas where LW simply cannot integrate. Obviously it would be a lot of extra effort to get ChronoSculpt into layout when only a fraction of the user base would use it. Imho it makes sense sell modules for higher end tools especially when designed for multi-app pipelines.

    Really my only hang up about it is that in the case of ChronoSculpt is that while it looks cool, and I could see how I might want to use it. It seems like people who use Maya or SI probably would have little need for it. Without trying to seem negative I would suggest that down the road tools such as LOD creation to translate the finished Data over to Unreal3/4/CryEngine etc. while keeping coherent UVs, smoothing groups, multi-subs etc. Normal/Hight map creation etc (either as sequences or just single images). So you could create both high end and game usable assets from the same source.

    Stuff like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cresshead View Post
    they're a business not a charity.

    you could say the same for all the plugins and modules for modo 701.
    I also remember when physics dynamics, fur, etc. were 3rd-party extra cost plug-ins. The fact that this plug-in was developed "in-house" (at least for marketing purposes) does not bother me. However, I would like it if the documentation for it could be 'exposed' to potential buyers ahead of time so I can fully comprehend the extra hardware required (do I need all the XBox HW, or just the Kinect sensor?) and the extent, accuracy, and workflow associated with using it. These would be key to evaluating whether the "bang-for-buck" and ROI according to projected need / use are in the buyers wheelhouse.

    BTW, love the cat face. Looks very much like the face of a very sweet Japanese bobtail with whom I shared accommodations for 12 years.

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    Just switch to Mac. Nevron motion will be useless to you and you will not have to worry about it.

    But, I bet it shows up either in LW12 or as an enticement to pre-order LW12.
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