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Thread: VT5/SDI/BoB for sale

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    VT5/SDI/BoB for sale

    I am wanting to sell off my VT5 system. This is for the hardware only. VT5 card with the SD-DVI expansion card with SDI break out, and the VT5 Break out box, all the cables to go with it and the owners manual with the original software discs. The book also has all the registrations written in it.

    If you need a replacement or want to upgrade a VT5 to accommodate SD-SDI, this is the way to go, I will accept most any reasonable offer on it.

    Everything is in working order, I have upgraded to the HD Tricaster line and haven't had a use for this equipment since. The computer that it was in has been re-purposed and is not available

    I am putting this here before I go to Ebay with it.
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    I'm looking for the sx-sdi patch for VT5. Do you still have it? Please contact with [email protected]

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