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Thread: Swamp monster

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    Swamp monster

    I did the pencilwork in my sketchbook during my holidays and I was thinking making it into
    something similar to an old comic book page. So I traced it in flash, exported into PS where
    I added the colors. I copy merged the whole image and applied conté crayon filter and used the stylized layer
    on the original ink and fill as an overlay. Then adjusted hue and saturation and added an extra old paper layer using blending mode multiply.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The stylization is spot on.

    It has that look and feel of a retro Heavy-Metal/Eerie/Creepy comic.

    I like it!

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    hey, that's great! I exactly wanted to do what you described.

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    Nice work Bazsa! I'm a big fan of the rugged traditional look.
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    Nice style, Peter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creativetone View Post
    Nice style, Peter!
    Moro, sä voit mennä sinne missä sain inspiraation Kirjotat kuukl mapsiin tämä: 61.00974,25.577281
    Vaikkapa voisit käydä siellä

    I just wrote to Toni that he can check the place where I got the inspiration.

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    ahaa, I keep it in my mind. It is quite near

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    Stylistic painting!
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    Great work... as a keen collector of retro mags such as Creepy and Eerie I love this style
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    I like the color palette very much!


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