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Thread: Lightwave killed my deadline

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    Lightwave killed my deadline

    I've never had problems with radiosity prior to 11.5 on my Mac.
    But I worked late the other night to get a really simple render out for delivery the next day.
    I did a few test renders (F9) to get the look right, took about 3 mins on the busiest frame. I set my radiosity cache file path, then exited LW, then reopened and opened render cue. I added the scene in and ticked bake radiosity. I do this so I can let LW bake then render while I sleep. I wake up the next morning (7hrs later) and not one frame has been rendered!!!! The render time had increased hugely it had spent about 3 hrs on the first frame after the radiosity bake. This is not right! At 3 mins a frame for an F9 render surely 100 frames should be done!!
    So I missed my deadline for what I thought would be a simple render of some glossy text with some GI to sex it up a bit. So I try to re-render using the cache file and it just crashes. Arrr! So I turn off cache all together and hit F10, bam renders the whole animation out in about 2-3hours with a small amount of flicker that wouldn't be noticeable to the untrained eye.

    So I try this exact process again last night for a different project with a completely new scene, lucky no deadline this time. Same problem!!! Turn off cache and it renders fast. Turn it on and it's not practical! I don't have 2 weeks to wait for a text animation. I've not had this problem prior to 11.5!!
    It's just plain frustrating!

    Anybody else have the same problem and found a solution?? Any help would be appreciated since delivering radiosity flicker in my animations isn't exactly going to keep clients happy.

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    For now, can you roll back to the version that was working prior to 11.5?
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    did you check the 'Animation' checkbox when baking? LW has severe issues when using this option. better keep it unchecked, it is supposed to be used when there is more than camera animation...


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    That why i always keep LightWaves, you never know what can stop working (plugins etc.) If i good remember one time i jumping with object between three Modelers ;]

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3dworks View Post
    did you check the 'Animation' checkbox when baking? LW has severe issues when using this option. better keep it unchecked, it is supposed to be used when there is more than camera animation...
    So it's there to punish you for using more than camera animation?
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    Lately, I've been doing what another forum member or two have suggested and not bothering with the radiosity cache at all. I just use monte carlo, set the RPE to like 1 or 3 and let the AA/AS clean it all up. Of course, that probably won't work in all situations.
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    Can it have something to do with locked cache explained by RebelHill in the link below.



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