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Thread: TrueArt LightWave 3D PlugIn Trace Spline

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    TrueArt LightWave 3D PlugIn Trace Spline

    TrueArt LightWave 3D PlugIn Trace Spline

    Trace Spline tool is analyzing geometry and creating splines between selected control points that maintain curvature of original geometry.
    User don't have to select every point, just reference one, the rest will be automatically found using the shortest path between them and added to newly made spline.

    Trace Closed Spline tool is also creating spline between last selected control point and the first one. It's therefor compatible with spline patching algorithms and immediately visible in EasySpline spline cage previewer.

    It allows very easy way to create low poly, or high poly, geometry. It's alternative retopology technique. In just a few click you can have level-of-detail different versions of the same object like it's showed at the end of tutorial.

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    Do you think you could do a video that shows it being used on a head or something other than a ball?

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    Whoa...that's a pretty impressive plugin.
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    Quite interesting!

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