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Thread: Creation Splice, potential deformer stack / High End rigging abilities 'in LW' ?

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    Creation Splice, potential deformer stack / High End rigging abilities 'in LW' ?

    This new system is non platform specific, so can run in Maya, Softimage, Max, Houdini,Lightwave, Modo, C4d etc allowing for Deformers, rigs etc to be exchangable between completely different apps.

    Under the hood, it takes Data from the Scene, does all the work in Fabric Engine's core and passes the result back to the scene as deformation, motion modifier etc.
    Fabric's core uses all the CPU and GPU your system has available, so is very fast.

    As an ex Lightwave user (who would have killed for something like this back in the day) I thought I'd just let you know in case someone was interested in hooking it up to Ligthwaves nodes.  4707

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    Looks like coding

    So is it taking the information from the nodes of the objects selected
    and automatically creating the code that is being shown in the Splice window
    so that you can then edit the outputted code or add to it?

    and wth is KL?

    The fact that there are so many languages for programming is the
    main reason i don't take the time to learn one.
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    So what could this do for LightWave as far as deformation and rigging beyond its capabilities now?

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    It could, for example, take some nulls positions as controls for a rig, the whole rig could be constructed in Fabric, outputting the bone positions back into lightwave, or even, the final deformation. (for example the deformation result of full muscle system and skin)
    Pretty much Anything can be made with fabric, so it's a way of working within your own app, but having access to abilities beyond what the app can do.
    It's basically having an alternative core engine in your app, one that is at the cutting edge in terms of abilities and speed.
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    Well that bit you are focusing on sounds like Messiah Pmg a little no? Anyway it has a probably much wider range. Would it too do something like an Simulated ICE Tree? It is something I can't see how LW can do even with Node Item Info.

    Anyway I think you'll see more jumping around about it around here after more results are shown and there's someone showing it working inside of LW, cause seeing it work in Maya, etc, seems to draw a line.

    As for me, I think it's very exciting if it can increase the power and ease of use for LW with the big plus of seamless interchangeable with other apps.

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    It can simulate, for sure. As long as Lw communicates the timeline and mesh, transform In, then it will just use that and simulate externally, sending back the transforms or deformation out data, seamlessly.
    This is assuming LW can provide the hooks, which I would be surprised if it can't.
    This is to manipulating meshes and transforms, what fprime was to rendering.  4707

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    Pooby, many thanks for the heads up, it looks amazing though mind bogglingly technical. If you have the time, once it's released I'm sure many Lightwavers would really appreciate you testing it for rigging and showing how LW can be enhanced.
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    looks neat.

    (not the same, but the last effect shown reminded me a bit about springythingy)
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    It is very technical. It's important to realise that this in itself on face value isn't something your average user would get excited about. Your average user would get excited when they see the results of what the tool would provide. It's like ICE in that regard. ICE is a tool to make tools, as is creation. But creation is a lot more powerful.
    I'm just suggesting it in the unlikely hope that one user might want (maybe as a hobby project) to hook up LW to Creation.  4707

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    ah, i remember now, yeah, saw it some time back, dang neat!

    what's the price though...?
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    I believe its free for individual use, and 2 first seats free for studios.  4707

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    strange, hm... why is it free...?
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    I think it is kind of like other development platforms that are offered for free such as the Bullet library and many game engines like Ogre. And of course Python. Of course but limited to individuals.
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    from what Pooby explained to me before the people behind fabric engine are ex softimage developers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    strange, hm... why is it free...?
    Hi there - apologies for the delay, I only just saw this thread (and I had to reregister for some reason - new forums?)

    Anyway, we don't think we should charge people to use Creation for their own use. The best way to get people to embrace and learn a platform is to give it to them - expecting someone to pay to learn how to use it is not likely to succeed. Likewise for studios, we find that it's hard for them to get a formal evaluation finished in a short period of time; often people are playing around with it at lunchtime. We give two free licenses to studios for the first year, after that they need to pay (or ask us nicely to renew the two licenses). That way people may decide to start using something like our Alembic viewer tool and they can prove it has value before they have to worry about paying for it. Basically, we make money through successful deployment of our technology - and the best chance for that to happen is to make it free and easy to get started.

    Hope that helps,


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