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Thread: Digital Confusion IMage Filter

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    Digital Confusion IMage Filter

    I'm trying to use the digital confusion image filter which I've applied to a null and married to the camera (near the lens).

    The camera is right up tight on the individual letters and I want the portion of the letter closest to the lens to be in focus while the farther part of the same letter to be blurred.

    I think everything is set properly but the renders are resulting in a partial transparency of letters farther in the distance. Can anyone tell me what is causing this? There is no transparency applied to the letters appearing transparent.

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    Its probably too late by now, but we also had holes appearing in some shots rendered recently using Digital Confusion to get over cooked DoF.
    2 posible work arounds: Render to 24bit or render to 32bit and comp in the Lw background colour aftwards. seemed to work for us.


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