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Thread: 3d boot video

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    Wonderful work ! Congratulations !

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    Gorgeous work as always! Something to aspire too!

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    Wow, I hadn't logged into this forum or any other in a while, was poking around and saw a familiar name from years past.

    Amazing work as always!

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    Thanks. I'm currently working on two more 3d boot videos similar to this one. Will post when they are done.

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    Jason, you have a lot of really wonderful renders on your website (especially the arch-viz stuff), have you looked at submitting some more of these to the LW gallery? Even the old stuff.

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    Hey Otacon, How did you do the radial gradient for the renders? Is that using iridescence with the real lens camera?

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    The gradient background is an image I created in photoshop and used it as a background image in lw.

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