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Thread: A new tool to learn LightWave in-depth...What TinēGuides would you like to see?

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    Thanks and best of luck with your enterprise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treadvisual View Post
    I appreciate your comments above, and taking the time to notice some of the finer points. Here are my comments:

    BokadCastle: It has been difficult for us to determine exactly why you are having a download problem. The only thing I can come up with so far is some sort of time-out issue, since it happens at different stages during the download. Where are you located geographically? I may be able to submit this as an issue to our hosting provider, perhaps something is timing out on their end with really long downloads. (Thank you for the spelling catch!...No excuses for us on that :-)
    I am located in Sydney, Australia.
    I use Telstra Bigpond ADSL 2+

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    BokadCastle, thanks for this information. We will be testing a new viewing option that may work better for you and may also address individuals wanting to connect to streamed video via mobile devices and the iPAD. We will post again as soon as this is ready.

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