I was experimenting with a scene very similar to the recent tutorial video featuring a cloth being pulled from over a Lamborghini. I'm playing with a variation though: I'm dropping a cloth with a circular hole in it over a sphere. The sphere is bigger than the hole, and i want the cloth to stop so that it is draped over the sphere with the upper part of the sphere protruding through the hole. However, I cannot stop the hole from stretching around the sphere, leading to the cloth simply falling down.

The sphere is a simple static object. The cloth is a flat circular grid with a hole in the middle (hard-modelled, not sub-d). I was under the impression that the Linear Stiffness setting was supposed to restrict stretch, but placing it to 100% or higher doesn't stop the hole stretching.

Yes, I can fix the cloth to the sphere, but that's not the object of the exercise: does anyone know how I can stop the cloth stretching?

Many thanks