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Thread: Lost whole project while saving.

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    Lost whole project while saving.

    I just lost my whole project while saving. I pressed Ctrl-S and SpeedEDIT exited. When I double-clicked on my project, it came up completely empty. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. Is there some hidden backup somewhere that SE saved so I don't have to start completely over? I haven't explicitly backed it up.

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    Before you do anything else, try right-clicking on the very top of the SE interface and select "Redo all operations".

    If that doesn't work go to wherever the project file is saved, open the Undo,Redo folder for the project and load the latest "UndoRedo_Stack_000##.VTP" file for the project.
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    Yes, there is.
    In the folder where you saved the project there is a folder with your undo stack. The undo stack is basically a series of saved projects. A new one gets saved every time you make a change in the project. Open the most recent one, or if it won't open, the one before it. Then Save As under your original project name and location.
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