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After Effects / Premiere alternatives

Fusion - $2400
Hitfilm - $400
SpeedEDIT - ?
Nuke - $2500
Sony Vegas - $170-$600
Lightworks - $60

Apple Motion - $50
Final Cut Pro - $300
Apple Shake 4.1 - $300
(dicontinued, buy it at Amazon)

nice thing is that many revisionfx plugins are compatible,

but it's hard to replace AE.

Hmmnn, the Price I am coming up with for Nuke is quite a bit more than That! Showing $4155 (+ 20% on top of that for EU Users), then 1st Year Free Maintenance, then $1155 Every Year for Life! Source The Foundry Website, Order Nuke.

Lightworks Pro the $60 is also per Year, continuing, but not certain how they restrict. I tried it about 12 Months back or so, and was not for me.

Avid - No Thanks, They are just as bad as Autodesk, and still hold a grudge on them for Killing the Liquid Silver, Liquid Chrome Products.