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Thread: PowerPoint Slides in SpeedEdit

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    PowerPoint Slides in SpeedEdit

    Can anyone share a successful protocol for editing powerpoint slides to video? I have tried multiple sizing and dpi options on the slide save-as image side as well as the SE timeline side. End result is the slide text is undesirable. Any hints or tricks to make these slides look clean and clear is much appreciated. Right now I am saving the slides to jpeg and then using a HDV timeline (so I can split screen presenter video and slides).

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    I just completed two one hour and a half presentations in HD on the health effects of fracking by two medical doctors. Both doctors used power point presentations with at least 50 slides each. Here's what I did. I went into the PP program and saved all slides as JPEG images. I could have taken those images directly into SE, but I had to fill their backgrounds for the HD 16:9 aspect ratio. To do this, I went into Mirage, created a background for the images and with one keystroke added the background to all of the images. I was then able to load those images into SE and animate them. Some of the images were low res to begin with and didn't look very good. That was an issue with what went into PP not what ended up in Mirage or SE. Perhaps your slides are low res to start with.

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    Yes, I thought the lo res was the same problem. But after doing some research and finding out how to save those jpegs at a higher res:, the problem on the SE side only got worse. I ended up going back to the default which was 96 dpi. By selecting image super sampling, that helped quite a bit. But still not quite what you'd expect - especially when the slides look crisp in PPT.

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    The slides that came off our PP presentations were 960x720. I added the BG on both sides of the 4:3 image in Mirage to make them 1280x720 16:9 images. This is what I loaded into SE and, except for a couple of slides that were low res in PP, all the slides looked great and were high enough in resolution to get in tight on them with closeups and the animation. Did you save the PP slides as JPEGs from the PP program? If not, here's how I did it. I selected one of the slides and went to "save as" menu. When the next window popped up, I chose a file name and place to save the slides. I then selected JPEG as the file type and hit "save". The program then asked me If I wanted all of the slides. I said "yes" and saved them. The JPEGs were now in a new file the same size as the slides in the PP presentation (960x720) and were very easy to work with batch form in Mirage.

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    I am by no means an expert, but I would export PNG files instead of jpegs from PPT. For some reason saving as jpegs looks terrible directly out of PPT.
    If you have the original PPT files, you can also go under page settings and change it to 20 inches by 11.25 inches. This will make the exported image file about 1920x1080. I did this in PPT2003. I don't have a copy of 2010 around so I don't know if the setting would be different.
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    A Render Still out of SpeedEdit from one of the frames that looks especially bad would go a long way for others to identify the problem specifically, in order to help find a solution.
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    That's right, for quality, don't use JPGs out of PowerPoint. Use PNGs or BMPs. Much more satisfying, if larger.

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    The JPEGs I took from a power point were excellent quality even zoomed in and in final HD output. But, next time I'll check out PNGs.


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