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Thread: Deforming rigid objects with Bullet?

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    Deforming rigid objects with Bullet?

    Has anybody had any luck deforming "rigid" objects like cars or trains with Bullet's "Deforming" object type? I've been trying for several days to make realistic deformations of objects like that, and have had no luck. The problem seems to be that there is no way to "crumple" an object without the forces transmitting through the whole object, like wobbles through a bowl of jello or a balloon.

    I've experimented with weight-mapping the mesh (Shape Retention) and also texture-mapping the Linear Deformation setting, but have likewise had no luck with that.

    I just want to know if anybody's gotten this working and, if you care to share a scene or what settings you used.

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    haven't tried it with bullet-softbodies, but you should be one the right track if you're using weightmaps...
    if you can't make it work, use clothfx, it should do the job. (maybe bulletsoft has a bug, could be...)
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