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Thread: 3play 330 image

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    3play 330 image

    Have had multiple problems with 3PLAY system. Tech Support told me to restore windows, locked up. Our IT repaired the patrician, and got it back up but the restore patrician was damaged. I want to re-image the disk and get it operational. Tech Support wants $550 for me to send in the unit and "they'll re-image" the drive. Won't give me the image to do it myself.

    Does anyone have the disk image for the 3PLAY 330 system?
    Newtek Tech Support is possibly the worst support group of any software/company I have EVER dealt with.... hands down.

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    I'll draw your concerns to the attention of those responsible, but I really can't agree with your overall characterization.

    Not to be argumentative, but I rather doubt that CS actually told you to "Restore Windows", since that's neither necessary, advisable, or standard practice. Much more likely, they meant for you to your to use 3Play's integral Restore feature, which would have repaired any problem with the C drive content, and done so without damaging the built-in Restore partition.

    A TriCaster or 3Play isn't a garden-variety computer, despite the obvious commonalities. Essentially, they are to be treated more like an appliance than a standard computer. Had this course been followed (the Restore procedure is described in the manual, if I'm not mistaken), you'd likely be in a very different state right now. It's a bit like owning a Porsche. You want to make sure the mechanic is conversant with the particulars of the machine. Things that would seem like common sense on a vanilla workstation might actually result in damage.

    The Restore features of newer 3Play and TriCaster models are, not surprisingly, improved over the original 300/333 version but, that said, the original worked just fine and was provided specifically to avoid the type of thing you've encountered. Still, you've found yourself in an unenviable jackpot now and I hope CS can find a way to ease the pain.
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    I am really not sure of all the details of this case, and I am certain that ultimately there has probably been a misunderstanding about the process for restoring the machine that I am sure caused on our end. That said, I know that the tech guys are absolutely committed to making sure that you are up and running and do not have a problem, even though they tend to work behind the scenes and not on the forums

    If there is anything at all that I can do for you, please do not hesitate to email me. across AT newtek DOT com.

    Andrew Cross, Ph.D
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    NewTek Customer Support would like to thank you for working with our team to
    address the problems you experienced with your 3Play. We appreciated your
    patience as we worked together to find a resolution that met your needs.

    Thank you
    Gil Triana
    NewTek Documentation Specialist
    NewTek Customer Support


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