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Thread: How do you control your TriCaster?

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    How do you control your TriCaster?

    So - help me settle an argument. It's the age old question: Do you primarily (i.e., more often than not) operate your TriCaster using a control surface? Or keyboard and mouse alone?
    Regards, Steve
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    Loaded question... it depends. CS for switching almost exclusively, but keyboard and mouse for cueing and playing clips. Pretty much anything media related is done with the mouse. Oh yeah, and typing filenames for the record tab... I tried it with the CS but gave up. What a pain.
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    Same here. Control Surface for switching, Keyboard/Mouse for configuring virtuals, setting up DDRs and the like.
    Timewarp for replays and/or DDR handling whenever we do heavy use of prerecorded videos.
    iPad with "TCXD Audiomixer" for audio.

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    Most often, just keyboard and mouse. That's because we travel a lot and the CS requires an extra case. And most gigs are 1-2 hours... Not terrible without a CS. Heck, we even like to travel with our compact keyboard rather than a full-size with 10-key and arrows. Compact, compact, compact. We can do a whole job with one case for the tricaster itself and one case of "tricaster support" gear.
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    Mostly CS & mouse. The only thing I do with the keyboard is name my recordings and typically don't touch it after that unless I have to type a font. I use the mouse for the Audio mixer and to move clips around in the media players when I need to.

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    Control surface is more convenient for zooming virtual sets.

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    Control surface of some type as primary.
    Instead of a mouse I use a trackball to save desk space. My guys hate it but I love it (long live centipede!)
    TimeWarp of course if doing replays with TriCaster instead of 3play

    iPad with either Nacho's app or NewTek's.

    I often wonder why more haven't embraced more control on the iPad or other tablets. I only need to start my laptop for Livetext or wirecast backups.
    Jef Kethley

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    I mostly use the control surface (98%) but for unscripted titles and clips, I need the mouse to quickly cue the clips sometimes. When I did the US Open, I needed to use the mouse to cue clips. So maybe 99% of time I use control surface because that's the only show I decided was the best way to cue the clips the fastest way to match the broadcasters live show.
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    I use the Control Surface 98% of the time except when I need to change text on a lower third during a live broadcast. I also sometimes use a mouse to select a different input inside a virtual set (V1-V5) on my TCXD300 when needed.

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    Centipede was the best game ever - I was even the UK #1 after clocking it. So many wasted hours / days !!! But it does mean my mouse control is perfect and it means I can write left handed and control a mouse right now

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    With Master Control of course.
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    CS all the time. We do have our 455 running with the keyboard and mouse regularly wile using the 855 with CS.
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    Switcher definitely for me. Our graphics person uses the keyboard/mouse.

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    Control Surface for switching, Keyboard/Mouse for DDRs and other function.
    Canary in the coal-mine!
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    We tried using the cs when they came out, but quickly had to chuck them out of the way (VT4/5 and 4 sd tricasters), but we are just now updating to HD switchers and getting the CS for each one and for the price we are paying, I am going to use them for a lot more this time around. The new ones have a lot more control and give you access to all of your inputs and virtuals, so that is a boon. The big thing for us is that we have to staff 4 operators to run our system and they all have to know how each switch is set up, so the keyboards will still have to be close at hand for a bit just in case.

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