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Thread: No Video - TriCaster Pro

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    No Video - TriCaster Pro


    I do volunteer work at a local church and really need some help. Recently I started looking at the video equipment because it has not worked in months. We have a TriCaster Pro machine that is not allowing any video to come in to the machine. I couldn't figure out what was going on and ended up formatting the whole machine. All the software comes up and is registered, but still no video shows up. I am attaching the text of the script I ran and hopefully someone out there will understand it, because I sure don't. One thing I did notice is that says I need to load the current to the latest VT core and I downloaded everything from my download section from NewTek and it didn't change anything. I would appreciate any help you may have.


    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    C:\Documents and Settings\Media_Room>newtekrtme
    NewtekRTME Ver 4.5 pfrench
    Copyright (c) 1998-2005 NewTek, Inc.
    Confidential and Proprietary. Do not distribute.
    VT Hardware Core Update Required
    Please Update your VT core with the
    latest VTCoreUpdate from Newtek
    Initializing...[WSS:4,511]SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces failed: No more data is av
    Count not get path.

    Reading Config File: "C:\TriCaster\Drivers\newtekrtme.cfg"
    [cfg:rtme-pool-size 128 MB]
    [cfg:rtme-pool-actual-size 128 MB]
    [cfg:maxpcibandwidth=95MB/s][cfg:vid-sync-depth 64]
    [cfg:tbc.threshhold=0x06d][cfg:tbc.countdown= 1]
    [ru: 03 03 01 03 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 02 01
    01 01 01 01 03 03 03 03 03 03 03 03 03 03 01 01 ]
    [VladStat:00000000][DS:0000 12C7 5A60][AVR: 0c stat: 40]
    [cfg:gnlk-fpga-ver 23]GNLK: Write x06 x00
    [genlock: rev:10 pcb:00]Testing sync phase ADC (NTSC)...
    No reference video signal detected
    Verify video signal is connected to genlock input
    [cfg:i2c-delay 10][cfg:i2c-timeout 10000]
    GNLK: Phase 0
    GNLK: H-Position 1637
    GNLK: V-Position 523
    GNLK: H-Position 0
    GNLK: Write x06 x7e
    [ee: a2 VTG2-PWM: 55 01 a1 00 00 00 7e 7b 78 91 91 00 ]
    [SDRAM: Refresh 0 RAS 12 CAS 8 NumBanks 4 == 00300000]
    [ee: a4 VMDC-PWM: 55 21 a0 be 00 00 00 00 00 91 91 00 ]
    [Ver 2 Analog Daughter on 0][1:127-B][2:127-B][SX-3 Pro r20 ][7171]
    [cfg:aud-premul in 1.000 out 1.000][cfg:aud-interval 512][cfg:aud-dma-lead 3]
    [cfg:audio-delay 7][cfg:aud-sync-depth 32][cfg:aud-mix-pri 6]
    [AMTID:2112][AudMixThread:674 = 6]
    [cfg:swit-delay 1]
    RT-DVE Library "C:\TriCaster\Drivers\newtekrtme.dll"
    [RT-DVE: 0x0001 (1) pri 0 "RTME-Fade"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x0000 (0) pri 0 "RTME-Fade"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x03e8 (1000) pri 0 "RTME-ChromaOnly"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x03e9 (1001) pri 0 "RTME-LumaOnly"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x03ea (1002) pri 0 "RTME-Negative"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x03eb (1003) pri 0 "RTME-BasRelief"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x03ed (1005) pri 0 "RTME-Posterize"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x03ee (1006) pri 0 "RTME-LumaPosterize"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x03ef (1007) pri 0 "RTME-ChromaFX"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x2300 (8960) pri 0 "RTME-SoftProcAmp"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x03ec (1004) pri 0 "RTME-TimeStretch"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x1200 (4608) pri 0 "RTME-DSKeyer"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x1201 (4609) pri 0 "RTME-LumaGT-Keygen"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x1202 (4610) pri 0 "RTME-LumaLE-Keygen"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x03f3 (1011) pri 0 "RTME-Strobe"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x1203 (4611) pri 0 "RTME-AlphaWipe-KeyGen"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x03f4 (1012) pri 0 "RTME-SmoothScale-Test"]
    RT-DVE Library "C:\TriCaster\Drivers\\newtek_dve0.rtdve"
    [RT-DVE: 0x2100 (8448) pri 0 "RTME-Progressive-CopyFieldZero"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x2101 (8449) pri 0 "RTME-Progressive-InterpolateFieldZero"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x2102 (8450) pri 0 "RTME-Progressive-RemoveMotion"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x2103 (8451) pri 0 "RTME-UltraVideo"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x2104 (8452) pri 0 "RTME-TXIDemo"]
    RT-DVE Library "C:\TriCaster\Drivers\\VSFX_proxy.rtdve"

    VSFX Effects Plugin Proxy
    (c)2008 NewTek, inc.

    VSFX Effects Plugin, vsfx-5.00.00
    (c)2008 NewTek, inc.

    [RT-DVE: 0x4000 (16384) pri 0 "vsfx-5.00.00"]
    RT-DVE Library "C:\TriCaster\Drivers\\vtsdkdve0.rtdve"
    [RT-DVE: 0x2000 (8192) pri 0 "RTME-SDK-TestEffect-0"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x2001 (8193) pri 0 "RTME-SDK-TestEffect-1"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x2002 (8194) pri 0 "RTME-SDK-HotSpots"]
    [RT-DVE: 0x2003 (8195) pri 0 "RTME-SDK-TestEffect-2"]

    [Switcher Build Date: "Feb 19 2010 13:54:16 (ver 5.0)"]
    Server Initialization Succeeded!
    Driver Version: 00090040
    CB: 09cc5000 @ 018a5000 (512)
    FBufs: [28 / 32]
    Vlad Version: 000001a4
    VB: fd000000 @ 0b0f0000

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    What type of input is connected to the TriCaster, Composite, Y/C or Component... and is the TriCaster set to that input type? Also, do you get any video OUT of the TriCaster? If you play a DDR or bring up the background generator can you see that on an output?

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    I fix NewTek TriCaster PROs . . . from what you have written you either have a bad VT card or bad front panel . . . I have replacement parts for both items and can get your TriCaster PRO working again.

    Please call me to discuss . . . .

    Matt Drabick,
    DigiTek Systems (NewTek dealer)
    Raleigh, NC
    919 790 5488 (office)
    919 810 9457 (cell)

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    Kris, I am using a composite input. I have tried on all three composite inputs and s-video inputs. I have not tried putting just a background to the output monitor but will do that next time I am out at the church. Is there a script that I can run to see if my cards are bad? Thanks.

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    Did you remember to configure the inputs in Input Setup?
    Regards, Steve
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    Hello everyone, I went and did some more trying to get this machine running and found that I can get prerecorded video going out of the "Composite Video Out" from the front panel. I still do not see any of the inputs working and have tried all three input channels on the front panel. The settings were setup correctly from what I can tell on the "Input Setup" tab of the TriCaster software. Are there other settings outside the TriCaster software that I need to set up? I ask this because I pushed the "Reset Configuration" button on the active desktop and it says it can't find any of the files that it is supposed to be resetting. This computer was totally reformatted and all the software reloaded that I downloaded from our download page here on the Newtek support site. Thanks for your help.


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