Sometimes you might have several iterations of an object you are working on in Modeler and want to quickly compare them in foreground and background - but if the objects are named the same (which they often are so you can just copy them to a location and not have to worry about renaming) but they are in different subfolders in your content directory, then in the Layers Panel you can't tell which is which. A very simple fix for this would be to show the full path of the object in the Layers Panel when you hover over a specific layer.

Maybe this requires a bigger revamp of Lightwave to allow tooltips, but this is 2013, bust out the tooltips! Take a look at how 3DCoat has tool tips which give valuable info. Even if you don't want to add extra info in tooltips - clarifying shortend names in tooltips is a must. And the path to a particular object helps identify which is which in your workflow.

P.S. Newtek, Please post in this forum section occasionally so we know you are at least reading these feature requests and they aren't going into a big trash can without being considered. Thanks!