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Thread: SKYFALL DB5 Modelled with Lightwave

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    Nice work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet3D View Post
    Why Lightwave? Well, for me, I'm an old mans these days... 43 and self taught. I started with LW Version 3 back in the days of the Amiga 4000... LOL.
    I have tried a lot of other modellers and I still use Lightwave. It is faster for me than any other package. (please note I said 'for me').
    Studios have asked me to use other pipelines but, after I demo what I can achieve in Lightwave, they let me use it instead...

    I've used it in Thor 2, Fast and furious 6, Maleficent, Wraith of the Titans etc.... it's my weapon of choice.
    Regards, Jet
    I really hope LWG are paying attention to this. It's really good to hear Jet.

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    Hey Jet3D,

    Thanks for the details! What fascinating work!!! We have rapid prototyping teams where I work, but they are more functional than to look nice... so they NEVER do the post-process of sanding/priming/painting thing... it looks soooo cool all painted and plated!

    Don't want to sound offensive, but it does seem that many LW users still use it because of their age I firmly believe it's still a good modeller, but the other packages do impress with newer technologies etc... which gets the younger ones excited!

    Aaaanyway... what's your background exactly? Were you initially a practical/model guy who moved to 3d, or are you first and foremost a 3d guy?

    Would definitely like to hear more and make sure Newtek knows this work is going on!! It's so amazing to see a miniature Aston Martin Especially when it began life in the hands of a talented artist and LightWave
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    I'm in the same mindset with the Lightwave thing, it's always delivered quickly. A delight to see your shots, all the best with future projects.

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