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Thread: Thanks Jose Burgos!

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    Thanks Jose Burgos!

    Had a three day course with Jose at AMV broadcast in NYC.

    Three crazy swedes and a couple of Tricasters cant go wrong!

    We had the best week, learnt alot and had some great american coffe!

    Many tips and tricks aswell as giving and sharing towards different solutions on the same problem. To gain power over the Tricaster HD models.

    Hope You learnt something aswell Jose and Pedro.

    Now we are really keen on taking the test!

    Best regards
    Andreas Holmgren
    CEO and Executive Producer
    Mediemerah AB
    Stockholm Sweden

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    Thank you for the kind words and I can't wait to see your new productions after you unleash all the power I have bestowed on you
    All jokes aside, I really think you guys will raise your production value and glad I was able to train you and your fabulous crew Andreas.

    Take care and hope to be hearing from you,
    Jose Burgos
    NewTek Certified Trainer
    NewTek Certified on all TriCaster's
    NewTek Training & Certification Testing
    Twitter @NYTriCaster


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