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Thread: NEWS : Larry Shultz passed away, 24/11/2012, 4:00 NZST

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    Sad indeed. R.I.P.

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    When I thought he was doing better. ¡Adiós, Larry!

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    As everybody else, I was thinking everything was much better, specially since Larry re-started to participate in foruns and releasing tutorials, etc

    I only have to say that I admire him for his courage and his family for their support and everything they went through.
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    Larry will be missed. He was a cornerstone in the LW community and education. He was brilliant, patient, and generous with his time and knowledge.

    Beyond 3D please let everyone here learn how important it is, particularly in this industry, to take care of yourself. I personally have lost both my Grandmother and Mother from issues related to diabetes. And on my last birthday I was also diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Please visit your doctor annually for a physical and blood work. Untreated/undiagnosed diabetes is the number one killer in the US today.

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    Very sad newes... My condolences to his family.
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    Condolences to the Larry's family on behalf of the Russian LW community.

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    WOW! Can't believe it.....I actually had the pleasure of talking to him. One day I was on the forums chatting with him, when my phone rang. It was Larry Schultz, calling just to chat. (Still not sure how he got my number??) Incredibly nice guy, and more knowledgeable about LW than anyone I've ever talked to. My condolences to his family, and the entire CG community! RIP my friend, you will be missed!
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    He spoke to revisit his old videos, it seemed to go better. It's a very bad surprise. Hard to believe it won't be there to catch and pass on his knowledge. A generous and exciting man. I learned a lot thanks to you Larry, I will not forget you.

    All my condolences to his family and friends.

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    It's a real shame to hear this. You will be missed, Larry.

    I once had the pleasure of meeting some of his children. They were nice kids. I hope they are doing alright.

    RIP Larry.

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    I thought he did some posting recently and it seems like he is doing fine. This is really sad indeed. I like his tutorials and I learned much from it. Thank you Larry! You will be missed for sure. My deepest condolences to your family and friends.

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    A huge blow to the up and comers in LW.
    This gent helped a lot of us learn a lot about LW in his time with us.
    All the best to those he has left behind.
    You will be missed Mr Shultz.

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    I'm shocked...

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    Condolences to his family. Heavy feeling and sad news. I thought he was doing well after all his health problems. I would never have learned lightwave without all his tutorials and his videos are the first things I watch for concepts and tricks in lw. Rest in peace.

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    I didn't know Larry well, but what correspondence we did have was always pleasant, encouraging, and very helpful. I bought several of his tutorials when I first got started in LightWave and they are as helpful now as they were then. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family. I believe Larry and I were roughly the same age, and I, too, have Type II Diabetes from years of working long hours at a computer with a bad diet, little exercise, and much stress. Hearing this news confirms that my decision to retire in January from the TV news business after almost 34 years in it is a sound one. A change of life is in order before life passes me by.

    Farewell, Larry...You will be missed.
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    Devastating news. I am heartbroken. My heart goes out to Larry's family and the whole community. I wouldn't be able to do what I am doing today (like have an income) without his gracious and precious teaching. RIP Larry. You are deeply missed.
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