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Thread: Collier's Space station project

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    Looks great. For some reason, I always thought it should be a big rocket...hehe
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    Gorgeous and impressive! Did you do the launch platform too? Quite a cool model! The only thing I would say is to do a touch more tonemapping on some of the images, so you don't get so much burn-out, maybe adding a little retro colour grading (though not quite as silly as instagram ).

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    Was doing some research of my own for something entirely different and stumbled across this little gem. Thought it may be of interest:

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    Thanks I bookmarked it, although I was aware of the fantastic plastic model I hadn't seen the catalog of other retro ships. Tobian, you are probably right about being more gentle with the image but I actually do a bit of Pshop work to get that blown out look, however I work with JPGs so not much latitude for contrast. This is still a work in progress and I keep thinking I'll do later renders that will be the proper ones and these are just tests or dress rehearsals and I'll save the renders in a better format and do more professional grading. Actually the raw LW renders look pretty good, you'd probably prefer them.

    I made the platform and surrounds but the cars and people and some of the distant structures I found online , all low quality but still pretty good at a distance. I have a real respect for game artists who make these low poly objects, I dissect them and look at their textures and techniques as I think these people are magicians.

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    Well the thing about burning out is to use a curve, so that your brights approach but never actually hit 255, which is a filmic approach. Fair enough for WIP's but things just look better if they take this model. I do like the very bright sunny day look to the renders, just clamping annoys me when I see it Not wanting to diss your stuff because it looks awesome, just bugs me

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    I really love this classic science fiction illustration style. I've send this over to our LightWave 3D Group Marketing Team. Great work!
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    Very cool! Good job!
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