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Thread: How do I get files shot on a Sony NX5u onto the timeline?

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    How do I get files shot on a Sony NX5u onto the timeline?

    I'm looking at new cameras and shot some video on an NX5u in the store. When I tried to pull the files off of the SD card into Speededit the files appear with MTS extension and not recognized. Can anyone help?
    Thanks. I'm using VT5 and posted on that forum as well but not sure anyone goes there much.

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    Generally speaking SE should be able to handle AVCHD file formats, but some camera manufacturers create codecs that are designed to be used with their own editing software (bundled or standalone; a la Sony Vegas), and so make it difficult or impossible in some instances for third party editors to understand the files.

    Sometimes simply changing the file's extension is enough to get third party editors to read them. In this case you could try changing the file from .mts to .mp4 or .mpg or .avi and seeing if that helps.

    Another solution could be to try using the bundled software to transcode the file into another more usable format. If the bundled software isn't available, you could try some other third party video file conversion app to do the job.

    Give them a try and see what you get.

    All the best.


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    Were you able to load the avchd files on to the Speededit 2.0 timeline? Also did you use the HDMI output from the camera or the USB mini output to capture the video into your computer?
    My brother-in-law wants me to load some of his video and edit a cruise they made on the Queen Elizabeth for him. Thanks for any help you can give me on this subject.


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