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Thread: No plug-in of type AnimSaverHandler?

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    No plug-in of type AnimSaverHandler?

    Just tried to load an old scene of mine (from my previous LW 9.6 installation) in my new spiffy LW 11 x64 installation. I got this error:

    "No plug-in of type AnimSaverHandler found with name QuickTime(.mov)."

    I thought perhaps I needed to reinstall QuickTime so I purchased and reinstalled the Pro version. Still no luck. Am I missing a plug-in or something?

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    QuickTime doesn't exist on 64 bit platform.

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    This just pops up because you must have a .mov animation file set in the render output file.
    Either uncheck that or change to an image sequence (which you can view in QTPro) and resave the scene.
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    Thanks! I'll just remove that setting and carry on.

    Maybe someday Apple will release QT 64 bit for Windows. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by egearbox View Post
    Maybe someday Apple will release QT 64 bit for Windows. :-)
    Don't hold your breath ... it's been several years already, and the Quicktime API is still in 32-bit. My guess is ... never ...

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