I’m having diffculty in passing the audio into the tricaster 450.
This is what we are trying to do:

A computer at a remote location will be skyping lower quality live audio and video over the internet to a computer named Live1Pc inside our network. I have confirmed that Live1Pc receives both the audio and video. Live1Pc has iVGA installed on it. The Tricaster is able to see and connect to Live1Pc. Video can come in perfectly on either of tricaster’s net1 and net2 monitors however there is no audio. Under the “external sources” net1 or net2 can be set to solo when testing for audio but still no audio at the tricaster.

I’ve verified that the headphones work with net1 and net2 by using Airplay inside our network. Using airplay shows signal levels. When switched directly to the Live1Pc on the same net there is audio.

Any help would be appreciated.