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Thread: Integrating PyCharm with LW11?

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    Integrating PyCharm with LW11?

    I'm trying to get JetBrains' Python IDE, PyCharm, working with Lightwave 11 (x64) on Windows 7. There doesn't seem to be a Python interpreter included directly with LW 11, but there's a suspicious-looking "" file in the bin directory which looks like it might want to be expanded and installed somehow.

    Ideally, I'd like to get PyCharm's features like Autocomplete, etc. working with all the cool Lightwave libraries.

    Before I start hacking on my LW11 install, I thought I might ask if anybody's been down this road before and if I'm on the right track or completely off base?

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    The python27.dll is what provides LW with a python interpreter (similar to the perlxx.dll when using PAR to create windows executables from perl scripts). In the zip file are all the different python library scripts (.py files) for various modules. Not sure what modules are doing the binding between python and the LWSDK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryonic View Post
    Not sure what modules are doing the binding between python and the LWSDK.
    Yes, that seems to be the "missing link" in this whole equation. Maybe one of the Python Gods will smile on us and point us in the right direction. In the meantime I'm off to download a separate Python interpreter...

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