Hi all,

I have a line cut and 3 camera isos that I recorded on a 3Play 425 that I'm trying to edit down in multicam in Premiere 5.5. After receiving some help from NewTek tech support I exported the files correctly using the Premiere Pro export setting and I also updated my system with the 3Play codec pack.

When I set up the multicam, however, I start to run the sequence in the multicam window and it plays out for a second or so then starts to lock up then the video freezes completely after another second or so. The audio continues to play but the video stays locked. When I stop the multicam playback it locks onto the frame at the stop point but when I play it again the same problem happens.

The files from the 3Play are all 1080i and I'm editing in an XDCAM 1080i/60 sequence.

Any suggestions?