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Thread: LWPy - An Intro to Python for Lightwave

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    Hello and yes, there is definitely interest in any documentation for Python in LightWave.

    I think some of the challenge for Python in LightWave is perception that the implementation is a bit more complex than was anticipated, initially.

    Please share anything you come up with.

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    Hello BigHache,

    I will post here because I want to help others in creating Python scripts and the most users are not aware that the nuArchitect bundle includes a GUI-Designer.

    I don't have documentation created for the GUI things in LW-Python. But I do have a script created that can build Python-Scripts (the GUI part and its handling). The created scripts are ready to run and only the work of your choice has to be implemented. This includes all actual possible controls and even some extended usages of them. So you can create for example GFX-Buttons (a button with a picture on it instead of text). You can create complex GUI's even TAB-CTL in TAB-CTL is alowed. This script is part of the Python nuArchitect bundle. At the moment it uses libraries, that are part of nuArchitect. But if the interest is high enough, I will develope a stand alone Version. At the Moment you have to install the complete bundle to use nuGUIDesign script.

    You can look at nuArchitect python version in this Forum. There you will find more Information about the nuArchitect bundle and nuGUIDesign.


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