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Thread: Deleting old sets/images?

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    Deleting old sets/images?

    We are new to the tricaster and have a bunch of test stuff we had in the system when we were learning how to do things. Does anyone know where to find the old sets and images to kill some of them? We just want to clean things up and get organized now that we've got thing on track.

    We have a Tricaster 455.

    Equipment: Tricaster 455 Extreme
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    If you right click on the session name, you can choose delete and clean things up.
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    Deleting a session from the list in Startup will remove content that is local to the session, such as files that you imported. If you have used other files without importing them that exist on the local drives, you will need to remove those manually. The Browse feature accessed using the Manage icon in the Startup>Session screen will let you do that.
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