I did something silly with SpeedEdit one time, which caused me a few problems more than once. There is a detail of SpeedEdit's trim volume, which evidently is recorded in each project. If you adjust the volume to a higher or lower-level, when you save the project that change appears to be saved in the file.

This is cool, however I think it would be awesome to add a little bit of artificial intuition to SpeedEdit, which you could do with about 10 lines of code, so that when you open a project, if the volume trim level is not at the normal zero DB level, that a warning dialog box comes up and tells you the volume is at whatever level, and is not at zero, with a little 'click here to set volume to 0 DB', 'click here to continue with current level', 'click here to always use this answer' type options. If SpeedEdit had this, I would not have had to spend several hours fixing up files which I rendered whose sound level was distorted because I had made them peaking at zero when the project term was actually about nine DB down from zero each time I opened it, which I was unaware of, and made each of my sound files nine DB too hot, and all the clipped like crazy after being rendered (and of course I didn't know about it until it made a bunch of them - because I didn't check them.)

Now that I know about I can check for it beforehand, but I think it would be kind of cool to be alerted by the software, and not alerted if the volume is at normal zero DB.

I actually still haven't figured out how to get it back to a zero level, like ctrl click or something. Anyone know?