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Thread: New 3D Model/Nurnies Packs available soon...

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    Talking New 3D Model/Nurnies Packs available soon...

    Hi there!

    You know you can NEVER have too many models!

    Xpolygon would like to introduce you the new 3D Models/Nurnies packs, the project have been develop quite some time now, you can see model's render images below, or facebook and

    A brief of what this about: Is a collection of 3D meshes/nurnies, come in two volumes, 1 & 2. 11 categories, from Generic shape to Triangle shape etc.

    4 Formats and resolutions: Lightwave, Modo, Obj and Obj triangulated and 4 resolutions, Level 0 - 4, Level 0 - low polygon count to Level 4 - high details (edge bevel) of polygons.

    We try to develop products that help 3D artists increasing their quality of output, their workflow speed for their CG visualizations. Instead of costly time in development, you can have Xpolygon tailored itself to your exact CG output needs, Xpolygon provides a collection of 3D models, over hundreds models created to help you save time and money for very little price!

    X Model packs are available at a reduced price during the Introductory period, will be available soon.


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    Very tempting, Sir. And I don't even have use for them!

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    Hurray up and get these d++ned things out!!!

    Getting tired of the "coming soon" spiel.

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    Thanks, I just finishing the website now, any time soon.

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    Some gorgeous renders there.
    Which one did you use?

    Somewhere, over the rainbow....

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    I am am an instant customer, if the price is right!
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    Mostly Octane render.

    Quote Originally Posted by GregMalick View Post
    Some gorgeous renders there.
    Which one did you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MentalFish View Post
    I am am an instant customer, if the price is right!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenlaw View Post
    Nice stuff! Looking forward to getting it.


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    Seems these are now available at

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    Pretty neat, a lot like the free pack that's available for 3D-Coat. That's one not nearly as big though of course.
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    FYI - If you want to use these specific nurnies from Alvin commercially, it is not clear you can do so. I emailed him and this was the reply.

    Thought people would want to know.

    I asked (in an email to Alvin) - "Can we use these components to make models, which models could then be sold or used to make money as long as the components we buy from you are part of the model?"

    Alvin answered - "Sorry, the Contents(models) must not be reproduce, reconstruct, modify or duplication for the purpose of distribution or re-sale either in whole or in part is strictly prohibited, hope you understand."

    If I understand correctly, making anything with these packs will considerably limit what you can actually do with them. If this is really different than what I understand, then I hope Alvin will make that much clearer.
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    But NOT what animations/renders you could make with them. Just selling geometry made with them.

    IMO that's very reasonable.
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    Website seems down.... what are they selling for?

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