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Thread: Santa Barbara, Beach Volleyball Sept 6-9 (LA Area)

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    Santa Barbara, Beach Volleyball Sept 6-9 (LA Area)

    I'm in search of a few things in the LA area for a production over 4 days (one day setup, 3 days of matches) on Sept. 6-9

    - Tricaster Rental (can be any tricaster from the SD Broadcast up with control surface)
    - Computer with Livetext2 (preferably with Kriss Gurrad's LT_scoreboards installed)

    - Also looking for other production gear non newtek, but may just have to rent it.
    - Audio (announcer headsets, ambient mic, clearcom, mixer)
    - 3 Cameras w/ Tripods
    - Video monitor for announcers
    - Cabling for 4 cameras (3 camera and a jib)

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Any info can be either PM'd on here or emailed to me ([email protected])

    Thanks in advance,

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    Talk to Dan at Ubiquity. I am sure he can take care of you.

    He goes by Rally1 here on the forums.
    Jef Kethley

    All models of TriCasters + 3Play, IPSeries
    Panasonic UB300 4k cams
    Tactical Fiber/converters, SDI2NDI converters, NDI-Viewfinder, and NDI2HDMI

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    Thanks Jef! Just sent him a DM. Appreciate the tip.

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    Thanks Jef. Andrew feel free to give me a call: 714 6021423.

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