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Thread: A plea: Genoma for Text

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    A plea: Genoma for Text

    I am unsure how else to put this.

    Can we get some kind of Genoma-love for text work? By that, I mean tweakable, in layout, setups that have 'rigs', like sliders, already hooked up.
    Think of kerning: a slider that allows such a thing from anything typed.
    Think of rotation capabilities on each letter, like a bone, or connector, that allows them to be connected in mechanical or organic ways, yet then totally tweakable in layout.

    The connectors of Genoma sound like the ground work for Bullet-type stuff. This would go far with text.

    Yes, the 3DA stuff, too, with premade paths and the like.

    Help me clarify this thought, eh?

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    1. As I posted in the all but dead 3DA section, just include that with the next Lightwave release. Sell the content if it is making enough money, but simply include the plugins. Replace text with some kind of easy text.

    2. Generated text would come into layout as parented objects. Letters would be parented to words. Words parented to lines. Lines parented to the Whole. Text could be oriented vertically or horizontally.

    3. You could then make the text, line, or individual letters follow paths, rotate, or jump up and down as you saw fit.

    4. You might have kearning on some kind of slider or morph mixer type effect. Other transformations could be controlled as with any other object.

    5. I ma not sure, but you might create a chain of bones (one per letter, with weight maps) to do what you are talking about, Robert. Then fuse those bones if you wanted it that way. I am just not sure how nicely that would play if you wanted letters spinning individually or dropping into place like a slot machine.

    I am mostly thinking out loud here, but this is a very, very good idea if implemented properly. Plenty of motion graphics people would appreciate it I think.
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    Yes, on #5, the bones wouldn't have to be hierarchy-ed, parent/child stuff, for it to still obey all the rules.
    But yes, that is all part of my point: the goods are here or a-coming for much better motion graphic stuff than is presently capable, in an efficient manner.

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    I think DPont part move can help a lot here. XswampyX has made some videos about this. Available on Youtube somewhere .

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    However, didn't want to drag them into this conversation for all the obvious reasons.

    Personal reason: I own Maestro, keytrak and lipservice. These tools, together, kicked butt when they could all be used together. The window was soooooo small! (Window of time, that is.)

    The code that is LW is Quite Deep. Lots has been taken out; lots has been added; Hurley has already done a video with Pixar OpenSubds in Layout. Doesn't matter.

    Until the core supports it, it just doesn't matter.

    * There's that word...core...


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