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Thread: LiveText 2.1 bug

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    LiveText 2.1 bug

    Made huge Livetext project with a lot of time invested in creating pages, graphics etc.

    Everybody knows that Livetext 2.1 is buggy piece of SW with the feature to crash from time to time - but except this (well known) fact all of us used to live with, this time, after the crash when I tried to load last saved version of the project - it even FAILS in that.

    LT can't load saved project I was working on before the crash - it just comes with the message "couldn't read value 7 of field" as on the attached pic and after OK blank/empty docs is open.

    Someone knows how to get my project back in working area so I can finish it?
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    yep, happens all the time. excuse my french, "You're hosed".

    i save every CG as a new file, ex:,, and so on.

    the anomaly happens very seldom but is tied to either a crash, caused by clicking ahead during an 'hour glass' in the program or adding a massively large pic file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanderwielen View Post
    yep, happens all the time. excuse my french, "You're hosed".

    Words spoken from a true power user....

    I would agree. Time to start over building graphics.

    Save often
    Save multiple versions
    Save Many Many Many times.
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    That happened to me last year on the eve of our first game of the season... about 60 pages, about 250 unique datalink variables. All gone.

    I routinely save a backup of the project now.

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    I have such a love hate relationship with Livetext. The concept of a native network interfaced titler that doesn't rely on key/fill is so cool.

    The crashing and corruption, not so much. We always export all our cg pages in to a bin on the Tricaster, as the chances of Livetext making it through a broadcast without needing a restart are slim.
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    I am experiencing a livetext crash myself and am trying to narrow down some possible solutions. My current setup has livetext 2.1 loaded on a 64bit Windows machine. The crash only occurs when I am using datalink which is pulling from a mysql database. It primarily happens when I push the graphic live. Has anybody experienced this issue when running on a 32bit machine? Possible Windows XP.


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