For last few weeks we have been testing live broadcast using Tricaster and Wowza EC2 instances using RTMP.

Here is our broadcast environment: For Audio/Video, we have microphones hooked up to audio mixer and panasonic video cameras all hooked up to Tricaster 450 series. We are streaming live using RTMP using Tricaster, which I believe is using FMLE. Our stream is originating from Atlanta, GA and sending it to Origin/Balancer Wowza EC2 instance in N. California region. We have 3.0Mbps upload connection. We are streaming @ 512Kbps using one of the predefined streaming profile on Tricaster.

At first, we noticed over time, audio was drifting behind video.

I also made sure the encoding profile on Tricaster was is baseline profile, level 3.1. We tested with that and audio still drifts behind video.

So my next option was to turn on the dvsyncfeature in config.xml on FMLE 3.2 on Tricaster box. That still caused audio drift issues. I am running out of options here and we are going to start broadcasting soon.

Are there any other settings on FMLE or Tricaster I can adjust to fix this problem? Any wisdom to this novice would be sincerely appreciated.