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Thread: Bug: Texture Editor panel remains buried

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    Bug: Texture Editor panel remains buried

    (Open) UI: "T" button not bringing Texture Editor to front/Instance Generator

    Build Number 11.0.1 /RSS Feed RSS Feed / Opened 4/2012 (Today) 9:50 AM

    In certain cases, clicking the "T" button does not bring the Texture Editor to the front/top of the panel stack-- it remains at its current level, obscured by other panels.

    EG, if the Texture Editor panel is _already open_, clicking on the T button in the Instance Generator does not bring the relevant Texture Editor window to the front. Depending on the number of panels open, this can be a huge workflow speed bump as the user hunts for the panel.

    REPLICATION: see the attached JPEG. replicate the Panel configuration shown. Note that clicking on the T button in the Instance Generator does not bring the Texture editor to the front. (It >does< flicker.)

    I think it would be better if clicking the T button TOGGLED the Texture Editor Panel fully (i.e. closed and opened the panel). Firstly, it would probably solve the "bring to front" issue straight away. But I also use panel toggling just to >>FIND<< panels in my two monitor setup. The virtual movement of the panel opening/closing attracts the eye quite effectively, and is a valid way of locating a panel in a sea of open UI elements.
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