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Thread: "Load From Scene" bug?

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    "Load From Scene" bug?

    I have a complex scene which was composed by merging two scenes, a LW scene and a Vue xStream scene. In the merged scene, I want to add one light that was missing from the original LW scene prior to the merge. When I select to load only that light from the original scene into the merged scene, everything that appears in the merged scene graph AFTER the position that the light occupies in the non-merged scene disappears. So now, the merged scene has less in it than even the original LW scene.

    NOTE: The "lost" items in the scene graph after loading the light are NOT hierarchically children of the light.


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    What happens if you try to recreate the merged scene by combining both from scratch?

    If it's just one light why not create it manually?
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    Which version of lw are you using ?


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