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Thread: NTSC cameras outputing to PAL projection

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    Smile NTSC cameras outputing to PAL projection


    Is there a way of shooting and mixing in NTSC and converting the output to PAL for projector use?

    We have a Tricaster 450 extreme

    Any help gratefully received


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    While you can mix SD and HD in a project, they must be the same framerate to do so. NTSC and PAL cannot be mixed from live sources.

    Best answer is to put a NTSC to PAL standards converter on the output of the TriCaster. Perhaps something like a BMD Teranex 2D processing unit.
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    Hi Cambridge

    First thing I would check is seeing if the cameras can be flipped to PAL or if the projector takes NTSC. A lot of modern kit seems to be able to take both and although the pic may not be as crisp as the home based system, it has worked. I've taken my rig to New York and PAL has ruled there with my cameras and linking to local plasmas.

    Solihull (we must start a UK users group sometime!)

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