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Thread: Best file format for SpeedEDIT...

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    Best file format for SpeedEDIT...

    I will be getting a lot of video that was shot with a RedOne camera and needs to edited in SpeedEDIT. The person who is providing the video to me will convert it/transcode it to a file format best liked by the SpeedEDIT program. Has anyone had experience and success with this process. I need to tell them how best to transcode the video and what format will give me the very best possible quality. The origial video is 1920:1080. Appreciate any information in this regard.

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    The file format most liked by SpeedEdit would probably be the SpeedEdit-HQ codec (or whatever it is called), but I believe this is lossy, so it is not the highest quality.

    The SpeedEdit-compatible codec with the highest quality would be Huffyuv or Lagarith: both of them are compressed lossless formats. SpeedEdit might get bogged down a bit using them, depending on your computer horsepower.

    You need to decide whether you want highest quality (Huffyuv/Lagarith) or most easily digestible (SpeedEdit HQ).


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