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    Slightly amended format.

    PFX format:

    PFX is a binary format with the following structure.

    int32: 4 byte integer.
    float: 4 byte floating point value.

    struct PFX{

    int32 version;
    //Version number for the file format, if the version is >=5 , the PFX file has stored rotations.

    int32 number of particles;
    //number of total particles stored, regardless of when they are alive or dead.

    int32 number of frames;
    //This is the sum of the lifetime of each particle plus 1. For example, if you have ten particles from frame 0 to 120, the number of frames becomes 10 * ( ( 120-0 ) +1 ) or 1210.

    struct {
    int32 start_f;
    //The frame that this particle becomes alive.

    int32 end_f;
    //The frame that this particle dies.

    int32 life;
    //The lifetime of the particle in frames.

    float mass;
    //Mass of the particle

    float resistance;
    //Wind resistance of the particle

    float size;
    //Size of the particle.

    float x , y , z;
    } positions [ end_f - start_f ];

    } particle_data [ number of particles ];

    //if the file version >= 4
    int32 number_of_recorded_collisions;
    if ( number_of_recorded_collisions ) >0
    struct {
    int32 particle_index;
    int32 frame_collision_occurs;
    int32 ID_of_collision_item;
    float x,y,z; //location of collision
    } collisions [ number_of_recorded_collisions ];
    //if the file version >= 5
    struct {
    float heading;
    float pitch;
    float bank;
    //The heading, pitch and bank angles ( that match LightWave's rotations )

    float scalex;
    float scaley;
    float scalez;

    float spinh;
    float spinp;
    float spinb;

    float dummy[3];
    //Unused data.
    } rotation_data [ number of particles ];
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