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Thread: Cannot ungroup lines of text in LiveText

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    Cannot ungroup lines of text in LiveText

    Im new at LiveText, if I type a line of text and then press enter and type the
    next line, I get not line objects, I get an object with the two lines inside.
    If I want to ungroup, nothing happens.


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    You can't un group them because they were never individual objects to start with. Click the text tool and start a new text object instead of pressing enter, which just inserts a carriage return.
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    Cannot select a single charakter in line for sizing individual

    I found a solution for the problem above:
    If I type a line and then shift + enter it makes a new object for the next line.

    But if I select a char or a part of the line in T - mode I cannot size or color
    the selectet part individual.

    like it works in VT5 CG.

    It works only for style but not for color or size ..., I tried selection - line - character in color menu, but no effort



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    This is only related to the first and last character in this line. Everything between them can be changed independently (text color/size/font).I have no idea why, maybe a bug.


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