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Thread: OT: Kill Bill anyone...

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    OT: Kill Bill anyone...

    I saw Kill Bill the other day and I must say I loved it. I like Tarantinos cinematography, it is the coolest I have seen yet. Great soundtrak. Theres nothing like a woman how knows how to kick ***...

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    Saw it the other day to. I loved it. It seemed "weird" some how..same for soundtrack BUT, I loved it. And I'll be getting dvd when its out. Cant wait for volume 2.

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    The first 1/4 of the film I was thinking this is a "look what I can do" up his own arse effort then as the film went on I ended up loving it.
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    I caught it on a Midnight show the day it came out - huge crowds here in Austin, too....

    Loved it, but I'm a big QT fan. Just a very inventive film. Can't wait for part two, too.

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    Two workds...

    pu$sy wagon.

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    Re: OT: Kill Bill anyone...

    Originally posted by Karl Hansson
    Kill Bill anyone...
    The irony is... nobody could kill Bill. Well, maybe it's possible if they wore a string of garlic around their neck and carried a silver cross and bullet.

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    Saw it. Loved it. Can't wait for part 2. QT is forgiven for Jackie Brown.

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    gotta say,

    i end up being the minority opinion these days but that's cool.

    (i loved reloaded, i really really dislike peter jackson's take on the LOTR series... blech... way too hyperkinetic and MTV for the subject matter [and yes, i've read and am fans of the books but i'm not being overharsh])

    anyhoo, i thought kb was just meh.... for an elaboration on that opinion, check out the review at and check the talk back section.... i have a lovingly detailed explanation of why i don't think it's very good.


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    i have a lovingly detailed explanation of why i don't think it's very good.
    I can see why some people wouldn't like it. I actually went into the movie theater with grave doubts. I've never been into kung fu movies so I was afraid all the inside stuff would leave me scratching my head. However, right from the start the movie had me smiling the whole time.

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    I loved Jackie Brown. Worked as a QT movie and as an Elmore Leonard movie. QT is 4 for 4 as far I'm concerned.

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    i loved jackie brown too.

    loved, true romance, loved reservoir dogs, loved pulp fiction, didn't see natbornkil but it seems too oliver stone new media anyway.

    but kill bill was just really meh for me....


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    Kill Bill probably my least favorite QT movie. The mixing of different genres of film just didn't seem to do it for me. I'll still see Vol. 2 though.
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    Kill Bill is amazing! Some of Production IG's best work.

    this is going to go down in my top 10 movies! A must see.

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    I really enjoyed it too. His best work since Pulp Fiction. I didn't care much for Jackie Brown or Natural Born Killers, so I thought PF might have been a fluke... until I saw this

    Its so campy and over the top and I love the in-your-face anime sequence! I'm going to see it again, and I can''t wait for part 2!

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    Great movie, not a frame out of place.

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