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Thread: Tricaster in school curriculum?

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    Tricaster in school curriculum?

    Does anyone know a teacher/class/school that uses the tricaster as a part of their high school curriculum?

    I'm trying to design a video production class and since using the tricaster in a school environment is relatively new I'm having difficulty finding examples. Any help or guidance towards obtaining syllabi would be extremely helpful.

    - I use a tricaster studio and we would like to do both studio and mobile productions.
    - I realize the tricaster studio comes with a few sample lesson plans but what I really need is a working syllabus to help with the overall class and UC approval process.

    Feel free to post here or email me at [email protected]

    (An ideal example would be a UC approved class in California that recieves VPA credit - for those of you familiar with California a-g requirements.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerryLewis View Post
    I spent 4-5 hours not in vain, however. Found a channel on YouTube - Mr. Coursey's Classroom and one of the most useful videos for my essay writer collection projects course: How to use the NewTek Tricaster for School Announcements

    Contacted both: @spassan and @m4a2000. Didn't get any PMs or email replies so far. I will try once again.
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