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Thread: What my high school students are doing

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    What my high school students are doing

    For a little back story: Back in 1998 my old high school, now my current place of employment, started a half hour magazine show which was called ‘Wolf Tracks’. Since its first year the students that produce this show and its stories have been winning awards for their outstanding work. In fact last year they won five Emmys from the Northwest NATAS awards. Their work in many cases was shown to be levels above the content from the colleges that participated.

    When we started Wolf Tracks it only aired on public access. In 2005, when I graduated, the program received its own 24/7 cable station through the local cable provider. For almost seven years this is where we’ve been able to highlight the work of the students of not only the video program, but of the whole district.

    Starting this year we decided to start posting student’s stories online. It’s started slowly but they’re producing some great work. We’ve already sent some of these stories to this years NATAS awards with hopes of crush the competition like we did last year.

    Now the reason I’m bring all this up is I would love for my students to start getting feedback from professionals in the field. Maybe give them some pointers and help them become better producers, editors, and writers. So, if you wouldn’t mine to take a little time away from your latest project, would you watch some of the work of my students? (Hope this doesn’t sound like spam… really hoping it doesn’t)

    Here is story on high school submarines, one on scholarships, and one on the high school band.
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    I want to add Tricaster to the school curriculum. Just tried to contact a TriCaster expert Colin Sandy from Sandy Audio Visual LLC via email but didn't get any reply. Where can I find the lesson plans? I have checked DAV Studios and a 3-Day
    essays course by BroadcastTrainer, but they do not have any online materials.
    Found one of your student's projects too and it's great:

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