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Thread: Achtung, Wavers : Seminars Coming to Germany

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    Achtung, Wavers : Seminars Coming to Germany

    Due to popular demand, we're bringing the WorldWide tour to Germany in just a few months.

    This is not confirmed yet, but I believe we'll be doing the seminar in Duisburg. Check back - this should be confirmed in the next day or so.

    We have a very special offer, too - if you sign up in the next few days, it's HALF PRICE - only 99 Euros, a big savings off our normal price of 199 Euros for a European seminar.

    And of course, we'll be teaching whatever version of LightWave is current!

    Go to for more details to and to sign up NOW!!!

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    Infortmation is updated...

    The dates should be the 7th and 8th - a weekend.


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