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Thread: Unwarping UV for sidewalk?

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    Unwarping UV for sidewalk?

    Hi folk!

    I don't remember, but, is there a plugin for Lightwave that allows to unwrap this kind of geometry:

    What you see here is the result with UVSpider, but all polygon have the same size on the U, and the result is deformed texture on long polygon.

    Is there something around that can do this job while keeping polygon size in UVs?


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    Alright UVroad is the way to go, almost 100 threads on the subject

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    You can try UV Creeper from Pictrix, really excellent !


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    Thank you D-lab! I have try it, but it seams to need closed geometry to work.

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    I would Select the polys with the stretching and use the stretch tool in the uv window to stretch those ploys until the texture appears correct.
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    What UV Creeper need is you to select 2 vertices that aren't in the seam of the UV. In your case you have that edge loop in the middle from where you can select 2 neighbor vertices and run the plugin. If I remember it has nice options to fix the stretch.


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    A picture to illustrate what probiner was saying :

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    IMO nothing beats the PLG plugins for UV work. Saved me hours upon hours of time. Seem to work great in LW 11 as well, at least from the main ones I use.


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