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Thread: Possible to buy VT[5]/[4] amywhere??

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    Possible to buy VT[5]/[4] amywhere??

    I'm a member of a student TV station in the UK. Our University were getting rid of a bunch of VT[5] cards, with RS-8's and SX-84's. everything with them, so gave them to us to see if we could make use of them. We're in the process of building machines to get them running, but the main problem is that we can't find any copies of the actual VT[4] or [5] software CD's anywhere (and thus no drivers).

    I've contacted University departments and they attempting to find them and finding them to purchase online, thanks to them being discontinued, is proving impossible, unless we purchase the whole kit again.

    I've been researching to try and find any way we could possibly get hold of this software, without the breakout boards etc.

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated, any more details just ask!

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    I would suggest getting in contact with NewTek.

    You can't buy the board without the software, therefore there must be valid software licenses for each of those boards.

    If you have a valid software license for VT4 or VT5, you can download the software from NewTek's support site.

    Start by gathering the serial numbers from the boards, then e-mail NewTek explaining your situation. You may have to jump through some paperwork hoops to prove ownership (if a board changes hands they typically request a letter of transfer from the last registered owner) but you should be able to get this straightened out without having to buy new software (unless you want to upgrade one that was sold with VT4 to VT5 - then you need to find a dealer with VT5 disks in stock or buy one used).
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