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Thread: LW render issue on 64-bit Macs

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    LW render issue on 64-bit Macs

    I recently spent a half day sorting out a problem with Customer Support that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere. Sorry if this has already been discussed but I really felt it should be known by all. I was having trouble rendering out a scene with an alpha channel. On the render Globals tab, under Output, the Options button is inactive. It's not grayed-out, it just doesn't work, meaning you can't get to any of the settings you need for compression or to get an alpha channel. You can still render but it comes out as H.264 with millions of colors, not millions plus and certainly not the Animation codec I wanted. Later a tech told me "that feature isn't supported." A render setting is a feature!?

    Long story a little bit shorter, it turns out Newtek has not made a licensing deal with Apple for Quicktime to be supported in 64-bit mode on Macs. The solution I was eventually offered was to work in 32-bit mode (go to the application icon, select Get Info, check the box). There's no timetable for when 64-bit Macs will be supported.

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    You've got to be kidding. I've been considering whether to pull the trigger on the LW11 upgrade or not but this might be the final straw for me if its true.

    This has got to be a joke right?

    OTOH, why can't you save as TGA 32-bit and then compile these images in QT7? Its a better way to render probably than rendering to QT directly. If there's a power outage or machine crash, you won't be set back. Just start where you left off.

    This is working for me on a LW10.1 64-bit
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    I always render image sequences. You can take 32 bit image sequences and make full quality 4444 movies from them using QT7(or on Lion the Image Sequence to Mov applescript).


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    That's interesting, thanks for posting. I always render image sequences these days, far "safer" and much more flexible! As mcoter says, if you have quicktime Pro, just "open image sequence", select the first frame of your renders, select frame rate, jobs done.

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