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Thread: Vue XStream Matte Object/Material ??

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    Vue XStream Matte Object/Material ??

    Hi, I have a scene with a bunch of trees and I want to render some flying cherry blossoms. I was planning on using HV Sprites for the cherry blossoms and rendering them in a separate pass. The problem is that I don't know how (or even if it's possible) to set the VUE stuff to render as a matte object. I've tried using the G-buffer/Multi-pass settings for Vue Xstream, but it ignores the LW stuff (HV particles) and doesn't bother including the ground or tree trunks in the buffers it saves.

    Also, the Vue stuff screws up my clip image on my Sprite HVs - causing them to blow out and lose all color. Any tips on changing a Vue light's intensity? There's no intensity settings in the "Object Properties..." or "Edit Object..." menus for the light, and if I change the setting in the LW light panel, it jumps back to 100% if I change something in the Vue scene. Even in Vue Standalone, there's no light intensity setting for this light.... I guess it just works differently than I expect it to.
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